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BY PROFESSOR JAMES ORR, D. D., United Free Church College, Glasgow, Scotland

In many quarters the belief is industriously circulated that the advance of “science,” meaning by this chiefly the physical sciences — astronomy, geology, biology, and the like has proved damaging, if not destructive, to the claims of the Bible, and the truth of Christianity. Science and Christianity are pitted against each other. Their interests are held to be antagonistic. Books are written, like Draper’s “Conflict Between Religion and Science,” White’s “Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom,” and Foster’s “Finality of the Christian Religion,” to show that this warfare between science and religion has ever been going on, and can never in the nature of things cease till theology is destroyed, and science holds sole sway in men’s minds. Continue reading SCIENCE AND CHRISTIAN FAITH



BY PROFESSOR GEORGE FREDERICK WRIGHT, D. D., L.L. D., Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio

The word evolution is in itself innocent enough, and has a large range of legitimate use. The Bible, indeed, teaches a system of evolution. The world was not made in an instant, or even in one day (whatever period day may signify) but in six days. Throughout the whole process there was an orderly progress from lower to higher forms of matter and life. In short there is an established order in all the Creator’s work. Continue reading THE PASSING OF EVOLUTION



From The Herald and Presbyter, November 22, 1911, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

We reprint this excellent paper as the remarkable utterance of a Christian layman on a most important subject. — Editor

Perhaps the most remarkable movement in philosophic thought that has occurred in any age was the rise and general acceptance by scientific circles of the evolutionary theory as propounded by Darwin, Huxley and Spencer. It was remarkable that men of science, whose peculiar boast it is that they deal only with established facts, should have so readily departed from this rule and accepted a system based upon hypothesis only, and which was, and is still after the lapse of forty years, without a single known fact to support it. Continue reading EVOLUTIONISM IN THE PULPIT


BY HENRY H. BEACH, Grand Junction, Colorado

This paper is not a discussion of variations lying within the boundaries of heredity; nor do we remember that the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures reveal anything on that subject; nor do we think that it can be rationally discussed until species and genus are defined.

Failure to condition spontaneous generation by sterilized hay tea, arid a chronic inability to discover the missing link, have shaken the popularity of Darwinism. Will it recover? Or is it failing into a fixed condition of innocuous desuetude? Continue reading THE DECADENCE OF DARWINISM

Can the Vatican evolve before it dissolves?

The centre panel Education from the Chittenden Memorial Window at Yale University depicting Science (left) and Religion (right). Courtesy Wikimedia

The Vatican still refuses to endorse evolutionary theory – setting a billion believers at odds with modern science

By John Farrell 8 May 2015

There was a moment in the recent history of the Roman Catholic Church when an influential Jesuit tried to forge a deep synthesis between religion and modern science. But he was muzzled by the Vatican, and Catholics have been paying for it ever since. Continue reading Can the Vatican evolve before it dissolves?