Police used teargas to remove parishioners during traditional Mass in France

“A traditional Mass community is trying to save a century-old church from demolition.”

PARIS, France, August 5, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — The Parisian church of Saint-Rita was evacuated by force on Wednesday morning by riot police while the traditional Mass was being celebrated.

Law enforcement stormed the building after having broken down the doors in order to evict everyone inside and remove the furnishings in application of an administrative order obtained by the property developer who intends to take down the century-old church to build apartments.

Photos of the evacuation were circulated widely on social networks. They showed a young priest, Father Jean-Francois Billot, being dragged bodily to the altar steps by riot police while the celebrant, Father Guillaume de Tanoüarn, who had not finished the consecration, quickly consumed the Host in order to avoid desecration. He was escorted out of the building in full traditional vestments.


Read more from the Source: lifesitenews.com


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