Pope: World is at war but it’s not a war of religions but for power

2016-07-27 (Vatican Radio) Referring to recent acts of violence, Pope Francis said on Wednesday that the world is at war but stressed

“it is not a war of religions but for power. “It is,” he continued, “a war about (economic) interests, money, natural resources and the domination of peoples.”

The Pope was responding to questions about the recent series of attacks including Tuesday’s killing of a Catholic priest in France, put to him by journalists accompanying him on the plane from Rome to Krakow in Poland.

Source: news.va

GodSeesEverything says – Francis, who like other world powers, continues to lead us astray with his doublespeak.

The world is at war, it is for power -but it is not for the power, that human beings might seek, it’s for the power of our hearts, minds and souls.

Through constant lies, false flag events and the tub-thumping coming from the media – the world is in a whirlwind of chaos. A chaos of war, confusion, immorality – the destruction of man. Yes, the peoples of the world are being orchestrated by a power greater than francis. Satan is at work. So too is his synagogue is at work.

Multi-events have been generated to create divisiveness – political uncertainty with elections throughout many parts of the world. Religious tensions from the middle-east to throughout most countries in the world creating another tier of divisiveness.  Controlled terrorist activities, under the guise of “islamic extremists,” are co-ordinated by the biggest world terrorists: the U.S. government and it’s FBI, CIA, JSOC and FEMA; United Nations in all it’s ineptitude at peacekeeping; France; UK and Canada – All to create a level of fear and an indissoluble reliance on state officials to sanitise our concerns. How? Troops on the ground.

When the pope tells us that,

“It is,” he continued, “a war about (economic) interests, money, natural resources and the domination of peoples.”

We must listen to the indisputable fact – domination of peoples. This is coordinated World FASCISM, never seen before. Like Pilate, francis tries to distance himself from the situation. Do not be misled – he is a big part player in this chaos.

Similarly, Israel is a primary player.


World politics needs a world banker – these bankers fund ISRAEL, whose land has nothing to do with holiness.

The Vatican would love to have a foothold in East Jerusalem – watch this space!


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