False Prophets: Joyce Meyer & others

Thanks to Source: Ichabod 123

GodSeesEverything says : Stop funding these false prophets and TV pastors and follow Jesus. Give your money to the poor instead. False prophets should be no surprise to us as God tells us about them in the scriptures.

My dear friends, do not believe all who claim to have the Spirit, but test them to find out if the spirit they have comes from God. For many false prophets have gone out everywhere.
(1Jn 4:1)

Those false prophets speak about matters of the world, and the world listens to them because they belong to the world.
(1Jn 4:5)



2 thoughts on “False Prophets: Joyce Meyer & others”

    1. Thanks for your thoughts. I like your consideration that by giving to anything, like these False Teachers, it “relieves the commitment of giving”. I hadn’t thought on there being a psychology of giving, if you like, going on. But clearly it falls short when there is still hunger and poverty in the world. God Bless and thank you once again.

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