FACEPTION – The deception of detainment for “Pre-Crime”

So what is “FACEPTION”

Faception is first-to-technology and first-to-market with proprietary computer vision and machine learning technology for profiling people and revealing their personality based only on their facial image. Read more on the company: FACEPTION

This has already been pruchased and is being used by Homeland security. Developed by the Israeli’s, and undoubtedly purchased by the US Homeland Security department, this algorithmic software claims to be 80% effective in matching it’s profiles. So flip that around, there can be a 20% error rate- based on the best figures provided by the “selling” company. So that error rate could be 30%, 40% or 50%. In fact this could all just be a shot in the dark.

Remember the movie Minority Report:

The claims that by looking via a camera at a persons face, running an algorithm, then and without knowing anything about the individual’s prehistory; DNA; medical records- the golden ticket gets produced validating which type of personality profile that person fits, is highly suggestive and extremely dangerous.

It bemuses me when considering the millions, if not billions, of dollars that the U.S. has donated to Israel each year and then when they produce a project, unbelievable as it may be, the U.S. – buy it from them.

As dangerous as this software is and the perils that those in charge of it will place us, it beggars belief where natural progression of this project will lead. The next time your looking at a slice of bread – will it know whether it’s to be covered with butter or jam, just because of the look on your face?


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