Crisis Management Role play Actors -is there a link to false flag events?

CrisisCast produces disaster dramas and role play actors specially trained by psychologists in criminal and victim behaviour for crisis management and disaster recovery simulations.

We provide highly interactive live scenarios with roleplay, injects, film clips and TV breaking news stories, social and print media posts drilling and exercising a wide variety of potential risks and all facilitated by an experienced Gold Command trainer.

Some of the leading independent schools in the world have used CrisisCast to reassure themselves that the critical incident plan they have in place is adequate, to exercise their management teams in key responses.  The added value of a learning experience that builds confidence and strengthens ties within the Incident Response Team – or any school team – is proving to be of major added value to clients.

All of our school scenarios build towards an exciting press conference with lights, cameras and hostile reporters.

Source: CrisisCast

A legitimate training resume illustrated on their website? Is it feasible that this could be utilised by governments and NGOs to facilitate their own political agendas and propaganda – of course it could. So all you need would be a bank of trained actors.

So my thought for today would be – for every event involving emotional turmoil and mass murder being reported on mainstream media, stop and ask yourself the questions: Could this be a bunch of actors? Are there any bodies? Disbelieve it to begin with – and go factfind the truth for yourself. Until you find the truth – it’s a false flag and someone is pushing their agenda!

NB: One of CrisisCast clients was G4S – how interesting?


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