Can it be true? A Catholic Croat’s protest

Not even when he received the protest sent him by Dr. Prvislav Grisogno, a Catholic Croat and former Minister in the Royal Yugoslav cabinet, did Archbishop Stepinac speak up.

This letter, dated Belgrade, February 8, 1942, is quoted on pages 57 and 58 of Ally Betrayed, by David Martin, (Prentice Hall, New York, 1946, foreword by Rebecca West) where it reads in part:

“In all these unprecedented crimes, worse than pagan, our Catholic Church has also participated in two ways. First, a large number of priests, clerics, friars and organized Catholic youth actively participated in all these crimes; but more terrible, even, Catholic priests became camp commanders and, as such, ordered or tolerated the horrible tortures, murders and massacres of a baptized people. One Catholic priest slit the throat of an Orthodox Serbian priest. None of this could have been done without the permission of their Bishops, and, since it was done, they should have been brought to the ecclesiastical court and unfrocked. Since this did not happen, then obviously the Bishops gave their consent, by acquiescence at least.

“Friars and nuns carried Ustashi knives in one hand and a cross and a prayer-book in the other. The province of Srem is covered with the leaflets of Bishop Aksamovic, which were printed in his own print shop at Djakovo. He calls upon the Serbs, through these leaflets, to save their lives and property, recommending the Catholic faith to them.. .. In our country not one Bishop has decried the fate of the innocent Christian Serbs who have suffered more than the Jews in Germany…. “I write you this … to save my soul and I leave it to you to find a way to save your soul.”



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