Christian Brothers Investment Services and Pornography

Total Assets Under Management
The AUM accounts for total discretionary and non-discretionary assets managed by the firm, and can be used as an indicator of the firm’s history of success. As a general rule, try to find financial firms with large assets. High numbers tend to correspond with significant earnings or a lot of clients (among other things), which shows the firm’s ability to make lucrative decisions and successfully manage many clients. Keep in mind, however, that firms with larger funds are less flexible and adaptable to changing market conditions.

Christian Brothers Investment Services, Inc.

Range   $0(min)       $2.12 billion (ave)    $3.01 trillion (max)

As a viewer it is clear what these brothers are up to. Money is the root of ALL evil.

Does the CBIS invest for the Vatican or the Papal Foundation?

Clearly Pope Francis endorses these companies Google, Instagram, Facebook and Apple – all of which make money from pornography. Irrespective of the Popes intent – the consequence of pornography and the damage it does is an inappropriate endorsement for any leader with any moral outlook or values. This is not Christian and is downright irresponsible.

Pope Francis meets Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google’s new parent company, Alphabet.
Pope Francis meets Kevin Systrom, CEO Instagram, now owned by Facebook
Pope Francis meets Tim Cook, CEO Apple.

Clearly you can worship one God and pretend to worship another at one time. When your driven by business leaders and money- there’s an uncontrollable self-generating egotistical pride that can’t be hidden no matter how much of a “humble” act you try to put on. It’s THE JESUIT WAY – the DEVIL’S WAY it’s all about the money and the power.

At no point did Jesus say – make as much money as you can, get as many of your cronies together, make up secret societies and separate funding accounts and then make donations back to the Vatican as good will for use for charity work. This in any other walk of life, a life of CRIME, underhandedness, money-laundering, tax evasion, not transparent and certainly not the way of Jesus Christ.

This is another scandal on the Catholic Church, the Jesuits and Pope Francis.

#WalkWithJesus #Protect Children


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