Poor-tay-toe Famine



  • America Was A Farm
  • Before she was a corporation
  • In fact, plantation is just a corporation
  • Renamed, as capitalism is fascism
  • The game, re-gamed
  • The same, renamed
  • Hunters still hunt the same old prey
  • Workers still starve
  • At the end of the day
  • Students can’t think their way out
  • Of their situation
  • And the wealthiest hands are stuck out
  • Owners of the nation
  • Seeking that freebie
  • Stepping on, over, around the needy
  • Screenplaying ever more movies
  • Of the benevolent greedy
  • Of the evil, criminal, seedy
  • Conspired, concentrated, organized wealth
  • The corporation
  • Debt riddenhavenots
  • The nation
  • The corporation, debt receiving, clever
  • The day the debt is paid, by the havenots, never
  • So the debt driven havenots
  • Permanently stuck in the same spot
  • Looking for the government
  • To erase the dots
  • When it isthe government
  • Taking from the havenots
  • And dotting them in the eyes
  • With moredots

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