Group Thought Manifesting the Apocalypse

This essay is about group manifestation and how the Christians are manifesting the Tribulation with their collective thoughts.  God’s plan is NOT being made manifest – the Christian death cult is manifesting their collective thought energy and it is the conductor directing the destruction of the planet. I object to this extremely destruction Jewish derivative religion.  I say that Christians are guilty of psychic warfare, they are willfully making hell on earth, and I say we hold them accountable.

Group prayer is a way to amplify the thought energy, when Christians do group prayer they are creating a powerful thought form, that has power in this realm.  Christians all around the world pray for demonic Israel – this gives Israel tremendous spiritual power – invincible power to do great harm to many nations.

Christians deny their spiritual power and hide behind the god meme.  They say God is controlling the world, but this is patently absurd and can be easily proven false.  My own direct observation of Christian behavior belies the truth, they often form prayer circles and pray for outcome – which is their thoughts, will, and intentions specifically being directed for specific outcome.

God is a meme, there’s no god up there directing events – we are in charge of our destiny.  It is religious pathology to deny the obvious cause and effect, we are doing it.  The earth is total mayhem, no divine mind is in control – the earth situation is so bad it seems as if the devil in control.  Why is earth hell?  Because we are projecting hell with our thoughts!

But there is no devil, there is us manifesting our thoughts.  If we believe in an obedience to an angry god we act this energy out by punishing others.  If we believe in punishment we fill prisons and bomb other nations for disobedience.  Fear and the need to control drives the Christian religion forward, this is going to lead to a bloody revolution when the masses realize the destruction was caused by churches.

Christians (like most theists) use the god meme to establish political authority – they even claim that God himself appoints the ruling class.  That claim is exactly opposite of reality – the ruling class is dominated by mass murderers, child rapists, psychopaths, sociopaths, and escapees from the lunatic asylums.

The power established by religion allows the worst people on the planet to rule over all, it has created massive bloodshed and destruction.  We are in the Tribulation because of mass sustained Apocalyptic thoughts from widespread Bible beliefs.  Yes Virginia, Christian Evangelism is creating this crisis, the fruit of fundamentalist literalists has come home to roost.

Christian book authors made a killing selling the Apocalypse – they helped create it.  The popular Left Behind books programmed the masses to believe and create a mass thoughtform that is manifesting now.  They got their flocks to pray for Israel that carried out their mass intention of total destruction.

The truth about this Evangelical movement that it was nurtured and brought to fruition by the Zionists, who used it to accomplish their goals.  In other words the Israelis used the Christian dupes as political support, they subverted the holy text for their purpose – after all the Bible was always a Jewish propaganda ploy.

We must charge Christianity with willful misconduct, making earth hell for their religious goals of domination, and I say we hold them accountable.  Why should these Bible touting fruitcakes get away with mayhem and murder and genocide?  Ain’t it about time we give them their just due for what they have done?

Source: 300 Spartans


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