Security Council -Statement from JORDAN

16 October 2015

SC/12083 7536th Meeting (AM) Security Council Meetings Coverage

DINA KAWAR (Jordan) said her Government had called for today’s meeting to urgently address the latest developments in the Palestinian territory, especially occupied East Jerusalem, including Israel’s incursion into Al-Aqsa mosque and imposition of a reality that would change the status quo there, as well as provocations by Israeli extremists that had “crossed all possible lines”.  Israel’s actions in Occupied Palestinian Territories, such as systematic violations of defenceless Palestinians, required the Council to take measures to protect Palestinians.  For more than seven decades, Palestinians had endured Israeli occupation.  Every day, Israel devised new coercive measures against Palestinians who had lost hope in the international efforts to save them from such aggression.  Israel’s security could not be achieved by indulging in collective and individual punishment, through excessive use of force and killing innocents.

She urged the Council to spare no effort to end Israel’s violations in Palestinian territory, as well as its breaches of international humanitarian law and the Fourth Geneva Convention.  The Council should explore options to provide legal protections to Palestinians in the occupied territory.  Israeli authorities must immediately respect the historic status quo of Jerusalem and stop measures aimed at dividing Al-Aqsa mosque.  She rejected any attempt to infringe on heritage and religious sites, supporting President Abbas’ decision to investigate the torching of Joseph’s Tomb.  Her country would spare no effort to support Palestinians, end Israeli occupation of Palestine and establish a viable Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Source: UN Security Council


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