World Hunger at Synod???


Will the Catholic Church discuss “World Hunger” at the synod and take an active role in helping eliminate this world travesty?

This video below was produced in 2006 and nine years later “World Hunger” is still a problem. There is enough food for all. Why?

It suits the World Bankers to keep countries subdued and impoverished with excessive interest rates. Does the Vatican bank play any part in this on the world stage?

The Catholic Church, and in particular, the “friendly”, Pope Francis is often thought as, by some, having their finger on the moral pulse of the world.  Pope Francis – who is often always seen to be doing the right thing and conveniently caught in photo opportunities – I would suggest needs to drive the commitment of the Catholic Church to eliminate poverty in the world and so eliminate world hunger.

Rather than confusing Catholics of the world with unnecessary changes to doctrine – leave it alone!

Follow the gospel. Take pro-active steps to put the words of Jesus into practice.

The Pope has been correct about one thing he has said – he’s not a star. So it’s time he stayed out of the spotlight, stopped creating media for the wrong reason and implemented some meaningful change for the poor of the world. Less talk, more action!

Thanks to video source: V.B. Vignesh


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