Rapporteurs and moderators of the Circuli Minori of the Synod

Vatican City, 7 October 2015 (VIS) – The Holy See Press Office today published the following list of rapporteurs and moderators of the Circuli Minori:


Circulus Gallicus “A”: Archbishop Laurent Ulrich of Lille, France, elected

Circulus Gallicus “B”: Msgr. Francois-Xavier Dumortier, S.J,. elected

Circulus Gallicus “C”: Archbishop Paul-Andre Durocher, elected

Circulus Anglicus “A”: Archbishop Joseph Edward Kurtz, elected

Circulus Anglicus “B”: Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, elected

Circulus Anglicus “C”: Bishop Mark Benedict Coleridge, elected

Circulus Anglicus “D”: Archbishop Charles Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., elected

Circulus Italicus “A”: Rev. Fr. Manuel Jesus Arroba Conde, C.M.F., elected

Circulus Italicus “B”: Cardinal Mauro Piacenza, elected

Circulus Italicus “C”: Bishop Franco Giulio Brambilla, elected

Circulus Hibericus “A”: Cardinal Jose Luis Lacunza Maestrojuan, O.A.R.,elected

Circulus Hibericus “B”: Archbishop Baltazar Porras Cardozo, elected

Circulus Germanicus: Archbishop Heiner Koch, elected


Circulus Gallicus “A”: Cardinal Gerald Cyprien Lacroix, elected

Circulus Gallicus “B”: Cardinal Robert Sarah, elected

Circulus Gallicus “C”: Maurice Piat, C.S.Sp., elected

Circulus Anglicus “A”: Cardinal George Pell, elected

Circulus Anglicus “B”: Cardinal Vincent Nichols, elected

Circulus Anglicus “C”: Eamon Martin, elected

Circulus Anglicus “D”: Cardinal Thomas Christopher Collins, elected

Circulus Italicus “A”: Cardinal Francesco Montenegro, elected

Circulus Italicus “B”: Cardinal Edoardo Menichelli, elected

Circulus Italicus “C”: Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, elected

Circulus Hibericus “A”: Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, S.D.B. elected

Circulus Hibericus “B”: Cardinal Francisco Robles Ortega, elected

Circulus Germanicus: Cardinal Christoph Schonborn, O.P.,elected

Source: VIS


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