Did Israel just use new Bunker Buster to bomb Iranian Missile Base in Yemen?

April 25, 2015

Editor’s Note…One of the Internet’s best independent analysts, Thomas Wictor, who specializes in Open Source Battle damage assessment, believes this may be the case: The Israelis and\or their Saudi allies have managed to come up with a roughly comparable substitute to the American MOAB Bunker Buster and have managed to convert a Boeing 707 tanker to a weaponized platform to carry such bombs. The beta test was carried out on the Iranian missile base in Yemen during the recent Saudi operation Decisive storm against the Iranian proxies (Houthis) and their IRGC handlers. If he is correct, the Israeli-Sunni coalition now has a feasible military option against the Iranian nuclear facilities.

Someone sends a message to Iran

By Thomas Wictor

There’s some amazing video of a massive explosion next to the Faj Attan neighborhood of Sana’a, the capital of Yemen. We’ve been told that the target was a SCUD missile depot or a missile base. There’s a difference between the two: A missile depot is where you store the weapons, while a missile base is where the personnel and equipment used to fire the weapons are located. The American 319th Missile Squadron, for example, is stationed at Francis E. Warren Air Force Base, near Cheyenne, Wyoming. Whatever was hit, I think it was a message to Iran.

This is the military facility south of Faj Attan.

A closer look shows massive blast walls (red arrows), indicating that this is likely a missile base, not a storage depot.

You need blast walls when you’re firing up the weapons, because that’s when you’ve filled them with propellant and fitted them with warheads.Here’s one video of the explosion at the facility on April 20, 2015.

What you need to understand: That is a primary explosion. It came from one bomb. In both videos, you hear only one initial explosion. The second video contains echoes of the primary, and then you hear what I’m sure are anti-aircraft cannons firing.Also, the bomb blew up an underground facility. It penetrated however deeply and produced an explosion comparable to that of a tactical nuclear weapon. Until now, the world thought that only the US had the capability of destroying the Iranian underground nuclear installations. We’ve built twentyGBU-57A/B Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) bunker busters. They have a 5300-lb (2404-kg) warhead.All the experts said that the Israelis couldn’t bomb the Iranian nuclear facilities because they don’t have bunker busters that can penetrate deeply enough. They also don’t have strategic bombers, like the B-2 Spirit, the aircraft which would drop the MOP.

The B-2 is the “flying wing” seen below the two B-52 Strato fortresses.Well, my brother Tim is one of the word’s greatest authorities on commercial airliners and all their variants. I asked him if the Israelis could convert one of their Boeing 707 tankers into a strategic bomber.

“Easily,” Tim said. “The Israelis make their aircraft do things that nobody can explain.”The Saudis also have no strategic bombers, but like the Israelis, they have four-engined tankers.I can’t emphasize this enough: That is a primary explosion. You heard for yourself. BAM! One loud sound.

Source: israpundit



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