Giant virus reanimated

Published on 8 Sep 2015

A giant virus that has been perfectly preserved in the frozen wastelands of north eastern Russia is about to be brought back to life.  Scientists said they will ‘reanimate’ the 30,000-year-old bug to learn more about it and discover if it is harmful to animals or humans.  Called Mollivirus sibericum, it is the fourth prehistoric virus to have been found since 2003, and experts warn climate change and thawing ice could resurrect similar, dangerous pathogens.

The virus was discovered by the French National Centre for Scientific Research in the Kolyma lowland region of Russia.  It is the second virus of its kind to be found by the team, and joins other giant viruses including the Minivirus from 2003, the Pandora viruses found in 2013, and Pithovirus sibericum discovered last year.…


Thanks to Source: World of Facts


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