Liberty’s first Saint?

Junipero Serra

Does a society like the U.S. deserve a saint?

Well in the country where anything goes, the Pope feels it’s appropriate to reward them with a saint in whose presence the indigenous natives were maltreated.

The point the natives are making is, like any normal thinking person, “don’t canonize him!” Referring to Pope Francis’ desire to give the U.S. their first saint in Fr Junipero Serra. This follows on from an earlier statement the Pope made in South America earlier this summer,

Francis made a sweeping apology for the Church’s sins and “crimes” against indigenous peoples during a visit to Bolivia in July, “humbly” begging forgiveness in the presence of Bolivia’s first-ever indigenous president and representatives of native groups from across South America [Source Popes Apology]

Simply apologizing and then canonizing the person who contributed to and/or caused the genocide is an insult to Jesus Christ himself. Furthermore, it is insulting to the descendants of the native Americans.  The Pope’s actions today, to glorify the U.S. with it’s “first saint”, is similar to praising your child for their first piece of artwork that they scraped onto the side door of your new car – ridiculous.

If the Spanish/Portuguese weren’t present, in pursuit of gold – at the behest of their monarchs and the pontiff – in the Americas then, the indigenous peoples would not have been impacted by mistreatment, slavery, forced migration & disease. This was not the way Jesus gathered souls! Was the Church complicit in these administrations – absolutely! They weren’t there for fun. Fr Serra – participating in the inquisition; anyone participating in judgements on man based on faith, does not follow a saintly path. Murderous – many natives lost their lives. The Catholic Church has blood on its’ hands – to reward itself is insulting not only to the natives but to any right thinking human being.

It would be naive to think the Catholic Church were not in pursuit of riches in the Americas, headed up by the Jesuits, Franciscans and other orders, but they were in fact there out of charity and care for the souls and well being of the natives. How would U.S. Catholics like it, if a New Religion arrived forced them to become this New Religion, killed you for your witchcraft practices, forcibly moved you to Greenland and your people were dying due to illness, disease and the consequences of repeated rape and torture, by the soldiers supporting this New Religion?

Like the rest of the sinners of the world should be, on their knees begging forgiveness of God Almighty for their sins, so the Catholic Church rather than glorifying those who have betrayed the teachings of Jesus, should be doing the same -begging forgiveness of God. All done in the name of the Catholic Church. Similar to the inquisition, the Catholic Church will be held to account.

How many saints has the Church pronounced that, God would look upon and judge differently?

Now, had the Catholic Church gathered souls the way Jesus gathered souls, the world would be in a better place now. At this point in time, we are on the verge with a pope who is about to deceive the world: The pope & the church are greater that Jesus Christ himself… I think not!

There is ideological warfare. Jesus is bigger than the Catholic Church and the Pope combined and sadly both forget that.

It makes no sense. The Pope tries to propose sound intelligent & humble, gripping statements, and in his complicit attempt in helping the Catholic Church rebuild the tower of Babel -he starts to sound very like that, a babel. He confuses, creates chaos and sounds illogical. More chaos creationism.

In humane terms- Jesus gathered souls differently and He would be indignant about the crimes the Catholic Church has committed across the world over the years & currently. A man of God? or a man, pope Francis the master of cheap political manipulation? In giving the U.S. its’ first saint, the Pope, will try & dilute the delivery of his other deceptive message at Congress and the UN.

Liberty’s first saint:- immorality -unmerited.

Sainthood of Fr Serra – unmerited. More political for the pope than any other benefit. Especially when it is considered that the canonization of Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII were carried out as a means to an end, politically, of uniting the different factions of the clergy. So Francis has past precedence for political manoeuvring when appointing saints, why would Fr Junipero Serra’s canonization be any different?

Final thought. In following the word of God & Jesus Christ. If standing by Francis’ side, would that guarantee the seal of God?


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