Tuareg Culture and News: Who are the Tuareg people?

Who are the Tuareg people

The Tuareg people are Berber-speakers who trace their ancestry to the indigenous peoples of North Africa in ancient times. They share the same language family as the Berber-speakers of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. Tuaregs live primarily in Niger, Mali, Algeria and Libya, with diasporas in many surrounding countries.

Source: Tuareg Culture and News

Why review or consider the Tuareg people

Similar to the Palestinian troubles – the full picture is never really reviewed in mainstream news channels. But when you do consider the views of the indigenous people, once again, you can see the NWO at work, through it’s created arm Al-Qaeda. The primary purpose of the NWO being greed via the natural resources within the area of uranium, oil & gold. The country seen as the NWO main benefactor against the Tuareg people – is France with the support of the government in Mali. The wider world at large will also benefit from these natural resources.  However, these natural resources belong to the Tuareg people and should see them benefit from the recovery of these from the land. Instead we see another genocidal approach to what the NWO has seen as a problem – the Tuaregs.

Similar to Palestine, the UN stands by and holds no-one to account as people are killed and genocide is committed.

This is wrong. 


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