Israel’s right to exist

In the past few years, the question of the State of Israel’s legitimacy has arisen,” warns Israel’s ambassador to Germany. He attributes the change both to the moral attrition caused by the Palestinian conflict and a reluctance by younger German generations to see the Holocaust as necessitating the creation of a Jewish state.[1]

The Holocaust obviously plays a major role in the justification of a Jews-only state, irrespective of its location. The shock and horror caused after WWII by reports that Nazi Germany had secretly murdered on an industrial scale as many as 6 million Jews in a planned effort to exterminate all European Jews, convinced Jews and Gentiles alike of the necessity for the Jews to have their own state.

Regardless whether those reports were true or – as a growing number of revisionist historians claim – made up as a means of mounting support for the creation of a Jewish state – it is questionable how they justify forcing Palestinians to allow hundreds of thousands of European Jews to settle in and take over their country. It is even more questionable how they justify terrorising the Palestinians into fleeing their country and not allowing them and their families to return. After all, whatever has been done to the Jews of Europe, wasn’t the Palestinians’ fault. Or as Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad puts it, why should the Palestinians have to pay for what Nazi Germany did to the European Jews?

Does the persecution of a minority in one country give that minority the right to take over another country and disown the locals? Most people would agree that it doesn’t. However Zionists claim to have an historic entitlement not only of residency but even of Jewish nationhood, because Jews used to live on and off in the area, until they were forced to leave by the Romans.

This argument gratiously ignores the fact that 90% of modern Jews – known as Ashkenazis – are not the descendants of Roman days’ inhabitants of Palestine and Judea, but of ethnic Turks. When Attila’s hordes[2] invaded, raped and pillaged large parts of Europe, they were unable – for both logistical and speed reasons – to bring along their own women. When the Huns settled in what’s been known as ‘Pale’ – the region between historic Russia and Germany – to form the biggest European Empire of the Middle-Ages, Khazaria, they were forced to ‘source’ their women from the local Germanic tribes, usually by abducting them from their villages after killing everybody else.

Having the fruits of these rapes being raised by Germanic women, explains how the Huns ended up speaking a medieval Germanic dialect called Yiddish, mixed with Turkish elements. The Hebrew words in the Yiddish language came in a couple of centuries later, when the then dominant Hun tribe of the Khazars, embarrassed by its traditional phallus cult[3] converted to Judaism, a religion far more palatable to their neighboring Arab and Byzanthine trading partners.[4] They imported thousands of rabbis from the Byzanthine Empire to set up Talmud schools all over Khazaria. Those ‘Cohens’ and their families, are the only significant genetic link between European Jewry and the Semitic tribes of Roman days’ Israel and Judea.

The bulk of the remaining 10%, the Sephardic Jews, aren’t the descendants of Roman days Jews either. Their ancestors are a North African Berber tribe who converted to Judaism in the 3rd century A.D.

Given the fact that the historic homeland of modern Jewry are the grasslands of Mongolia respectively the mountains of Marocco, and not the sunny hills of Palestine, any claim for a historic right of residency, leave alone nationhood in Palestine, makes no sense at all. By the same logic, all third world Catholics who were converted by an Italian missionary, could claim a right to take over possession of Rome and kick out the Italians.

Let’s be brutally honest. All those arguments for Israel’s right to exist are just a load of bullshit. What it is really all about is just the good old law of the jungle, courtesy of U.S. tax payer funded weaponry and the constant abuse of the Security Council veto.

This obviously leads to the difficult question of what to do with the Jews currently living in the state of Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.

Here needs to be distinguished between the descendants of those oriental Jews who already lived in the area before the start of the Zionist invasion. Those Jews have a historic right to live there, no different from the local Christian and Muslim Palestinians.

The case of the Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews, who came to the area as part of the ‘Zionist project’, is completely different. They were always aware that the Palestinians were opposed to their plans to settle in Palestine and form a Jewish state. Even today’s second and third generation Israelis know from early childhood of the strong opposition – and active resistance – of the native population. They know that if it wasn’t for U.S. tax payer funded weaponry and U.S. backing in the United Nation Security Council, they wouldn’t be able to force the remaining Palestinians to live under their Apartheid rules, nor refuse the Palestinian refugees and their descendants their inalienable right of return. Like a bargain hunter, who knows that an item he buys ‘fell of a truck’, in other words was illegally acquired by the person he’s buying it from, has no legal right to keep the stolen object in spite of having paid for it, second and third generation Israeli Jews have no birth right to remain in the country.

Having said that, it should be left to the Palestinians to decide whether or not to allow Jewish Israelis to stay. The discomfort of having to live with their tormentors of 60 years needs to be traded off against the practicalities of the sudden loss of a large proportion of the population. The question where Jewish Israelis should go, however, mustn’t be used as a pretext to force Palestinians to allow the Jews to stay. Immigration countries like the United States, Canada and Australia, with large Jewish populations, could easily absorb the 5 million Israeli, if the Palestinians decided not to keep them. I have my doubts though, whether everybody in those countries would be happy with such an influx of Jewish supremacists, given their experience with the existing Jewish minority. Alternatively, the Ashkenazis should consider moving back to their true historic homeland, Mongolia. But, please, make sure the locals are okay with it this time.

[1] JTA Newsbreak

[2] Ironically it was America’s Jewish media who misnamed Germans during WWI as Huns, after suddenly switching from enthusiastically supporting the German Kaiser against Tsarist Russia, to viciously opposing it, only because Britain has promised the British Rothschilds to allow the Jews to have their own state in Turkish owned Palestine.

[3] Traces of the Huns’ phallus cult can be still found in modern Jewish subculture, e.g. in the Jewish dominated porn, prostitution, sex toy and male enhancement industries.

[4] Both neighboring superpowers had put considerable pressure on Khazaria to convert to their religion, the Christian respectively Muslim faith. Converting to Talmudism was a clever political move designed to acquire an equally prestigious religion while preserving Khazaria’s independence.

Source: 300 Spartans


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